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2Aim International Inc.  is a diversified company with a myriad of products and services focusing on industrial, commercial and consumer global markets. We represent various manufacturing and distribution companies located in Taiwan, Italy, Czech Republic, Turkey, finding a niche for their products in North America. We have an international and local marketing agreement with our partners.
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Our personnel from research and marketing are continually looking for new and innovative products to buy and sell, their objective being "2AIM high".

By being aware of this fact, meticulous planning of market and economic trends is crucial to the company and it's various partners. We continually collect and review market trends, in Canada and the USA. By achieving our goals our vendors, clients, bankers and shareholders will be satisfied and proud to be associated with our company and our motto "2AIM high"

2AIM International Inc.

3115 de Miniac, Montreal, Quebec H4S 1S9 Canada 
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